I am committed to being an engaged and accessible advocate for all of District 3, making sure your voice is heard at City Hall.  I will champion ideas and solutions that will help the residents, businesses and educational entities in our District thrive!

Priority Areas

​Effective Public Safety and Wellness Solutions Now and For Our Future

  • I will support engagement of community members alongside law enforcement to improve relationships and implement non-violent, community-policing principles.

  • I will ensure that target staffing levels for first responders are achieved to adequately protect and serve our communities now and long-term.


Equitable and Inclusive Economic Development

  • I will prioritize economic development that supports small business growth, entrepreneurship and the creation of good paying jobs that support families in all areas of our District and the City of Atlanta, as a whole.

  • I will ensure that the community is informed and consulted regarding economic development plans and that we make every effort to prevent displacement while creating new opportunities.

Housing Affordability for All

  • I will build and/or expand partnerships and long-term funding resources that will increase the supply of affordable housing for renters, homeowners and the unsheltered.

  • I will fight for our lowest income families, who are often overlooked or not adequately served by current policies such as inclusionary zoning.


Public Transit and Infrastructure Improvements

  • I will fight for equitable transit and infrastructure improvements, ensuring that traditionally underserved areas of District 3 and the City of Atlanta are represented.   

  • I will prioritize funding, adequate oversight, and on-time completion of the More MARTA and Atlanta DOT projects.

Community Engagement and Empowerment

  • As your next Councilmember, I’m committed to being a visible, energetic and engaged representative of our District.

  • I will work closely with our other elected officials who represent our District to ensure the best outcomes for all families in our District.