I am committed to being an engaged and accessible advocate for all of District 3, making sure your voice is heard at City Hall.  I will champion ideas and solutions that will help the residents, businesses and educational entities in our District thrive!

Priority Areas

Affordable Housing Solutions

We must act with a sense of urgency on this issue. No one should have to live in fear of being priced out of their homes and neighborhoods. Our youngest Atlantans shouldn’t be labeled or destined for a certain outcome in life simply because of where they were born or live in their early years. The City of Atlanta needs more long-term, sustainable funding sources and partnerships to provide tangible solutions to both address housing affordability long-term and immediately prevent displacement devastating many of our legacy residents and families. 


Preserve Neighborhood Values and Character

I will prioritize the balance of healthy growth and revitalization in our District’s neighborhoods with maintaining the character and values that make each neighborhood unique. This includes ensuring that residents have a say in their neighborhood’s future. I am committed to addressing problematic abandoned and blighted property in our District. I will work with the appropriate stakeholders to ensure that there is a plan in place with measurable, achievable goals to address this critical issue.


Stimulate Economic Development and Prosperity 


Small businesses are the backbone of our economy! The City of Atlanta must prioritize providing tangible resources in the form of meaningful capital and funding opportunities to strengthen small businesses and nonprofits.  I will advocate for opportunities and legislation that create partnerships with public, private and community organizations to provide access to capital, training and mentorship opportunities for existing and new small businesses.

As new job opportunities develop within and around District 3, I want our community and business partners to look to our residents to fulfill their hiring needs. I will also facilitate new partnerships and enhance existing ones that provide life skills, job skills and development training opportunities for our youth. They are our future and deserve to be supported and successful.


Public Safety & Wellness  

All Atlantans in every corner of the City and District 3 should feel safe where they live, work and play. Our City is currently not where it needs to be on this issue, but we can be. I will advocate for legislation and initiatives that restore trust, accountability and partnership around public safety in our communities. We must provide both the community and our first responders with the support, training and opportunities needed to create safe, thriving neighborhoods. 

All Atlantans should also have access to amenities that promote physical, mental and emotional wellness. Accessibility is critical to measurable success in this area. Elimination of District 3’s food deserts and better accessibility to healthy food, greenspace and parks, and social services are key to healthy, thriving neighborhoods and an equitable start for our youngest Atlantans.