Erika for Atlanta

Atlanta City Council

District 3

I am running for this position because I respect and love our District and this great City and I have the skills to get the job done. Legislative and economic decisions made at the local level are extremely important in our day-to-day lives, so it’s critical that we take this election, and all elections at every level, seriously. This position requires someone who values our constituents and their views.  It also requires the ability to address tough issues and navigate the challenges that come with balancing growth and change while respecting history and tradition. This person must be able to bring our communities together to achieve meaningful progress for all and do so with the highest moral and ethical values, always having the best interest and good of the people as top priority. I am that person. I am ready to continue the great work done in many of our District’s neighborhoods and to begin new initiatives in other areas.


Your Donation Helps

Your contributions to this campaign are an investment in the future of District 3 and the City of Atlanta. I can't do this without you! Every contribution counts. Thank you in advance